Making the Most of the Last Day of August

It was a beautiful Sunday and we just had to take Betty and Bob for a spin!

The Guardian Angel Tarot Cards – The World’s Gentlest and Sweetest Tarot Cards

Guardian Angel Oracle 1

Does the world really need another deck of cards from Doreen Virtue? More specifically, do we need another DV Tarot deck? The Guardian Angel Tarot is her third, produced in as many years and it is by far the most sugary Tarot deck I have ever come across. It is like a strawberry and cream cake served in your grandmother’s garden on one of those rare summer’s days when the temperature is just right, the breeze feels like a sweet caress and the wasps haven’t yet figured out that you’re having cordial with your cake.

I had promised myself to NOT buy this deck. I have the previous too (Angel Tarot Cards and Archangel Power Tarot) and they were already borderline too sweet (Shadow avoidance/spiritual bypass?) so anything sweeter would be sure to give me spiritual diabetes. I thought. Yet, when I came across this deck in Waterstones earlier today, I couldn’t help myself. Was it the glitter? I don’t know. I reached for it. I couldn’t hurt to look at it more closely, right? Before I knew it I had another stamp in my Waterstones Stamp Card. WHAT?! Continue reading

5 Fears I Had to Release in Order to Become a Tarotpreneur



Taking the leap of faith and going pro with your Tarot may one of the biggest challenges you have to face in this life-time. It is not for the faint of heart. I sat on the fence about it for almost five years before I finally plucked up the courage. In the end, a very tragic event – the loss of a baby – is what pushed me over the edge and made me think ‘Fuck it – I’ll just do it!’

The fear was still there, I just chose to do it anyway… knowing that if I didn’t, I would live to regret it.

Because it’s true what they say ‘It’s the things you don’t do you end up regretting’ and even more true when it comes to your life purpose.

Looking back, the excuses for not going ahead were legion but here is a break-down of the five main fears/excuses I had made for myself and how I overcame them.

1. Being self-employed. Self-employment can be scary if you don’t consider yourself biz savvy… and I certainly didn’t! The thought of having to keep books and market myself scared me half to death. Yes, I knew Tarot. I felt confident with the service I provided… but would that be enough to go self-employed and provide an income? In short: would I be able to pay my bills and feed myself and my children? Continue reading

The Tarot Death Card – Actual Physical Death or Just Change?


How do you read the Tarot Death card? Do you allow its full range of expression or do you, like so many modern readers, stop short of actual physical death?

When I started reading the Tarot cards for others many years ago, I asked Spirit to spare me from seeing physical death in the cards. I’m now at a stage of my life journey where I’m seriously considering reversing this request. Death is just another form of change…

“When I die I’m going to dance first in all the galaxies…I’m gonna play and dance and sing.”
― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Continue reading

Summer Blog Break


I’m away with the fairies for a few weeks. Happy holidays everyone and see you back here on 13 August!

Why don’t you hop on over to Love Dove Tarot in the meantime to check out the most popular posts from the past 12 months and the BIG 50% OFF Summer Tarot Reading Sale.

Love and Blessings,

PS. It’s still not too late to join the 30 Day Divination Picture Challenge!

Not Playing With a Full Deck


Burn, evil card, BURN!

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
― C.G. Jung

It’s been an interesting couple of days since my copy of the The Big Book of Angel Tarot arrived in the post. If you have been following my work at all, you know I’m a fan of Doreen Virtue’s decks and use them regularly in blog posts and for client readings as well as myself. I’ve enjoyed reading several of DV’s Angel Therapy books and went as far as to become a Certified Realm Reader. If that is not an endorsement of my admiration for her as a Healer and spiritual leader, I don’t know what is.

So she has commercial success… So what?! To some people this automatically seems to mean that she is lacking in both credibility and depth, and that her spirituality is all ‘fluffy bunny.’ I don’t agree with making snap judgement like that and I think that people who jump on the bandwagon in condemning her work (or worse, her) without having read any of her books are showing ignorance. Continue reading

30 Day Divination Picture Challenge

30 Day Divination Picture Challenge

Lately, I have had a lot of fun with the 30 Day Tarot Picture Challenge (#30daytarotpic on tumblr and instagram). I want to keep going with something similar but not limit it to the Tarot or even the cards this time, so I put together a list of 30 picture challenges for divination. The hashtag/tag to use if you are interested in participating on your blog, instagram, tumblr, G+ or FB is #30daydivinationpic

Feel free to use your imagination about how to interpret these challenges. I look forward to seeing a lot of variety and unique image ideas. Please comment below with a link to your blog if you plan on blogging this challenge so that we can follow along!

1. Selfie with your Tarot Soul Card
2. Your name in runes (draw it if you don’t have any runes) Continue reading

Facebook – Resistance Is Futile

Lisa and Ace of Wands

Resistance is futile – Join me on Facebook!

So I have this Facebook Business Page and Facebook (true to Big Brother form) won’t let me change my name on there without copies of official documentation, which, since I’m only wanting to drop my ex’s last name I have no way of providing. His name will remain on my utility bills etc until I get remarried next year. But the FB rules lack any kind of flexibility and frankly, I don’t see how my reasons for changing the name is any of their business ANY way.

What to do? I made the difficult decision to go back on my promise to never have a private FB account. Two main reasons besides the refused name change: Continue reading