The Halloween Oracle Review

Halloween Oracle Review Box

The Halloween Oracle by Stacy Demarco and Jimmy Manton arrived through the post on Saturday while we were out in Saltburn, which meant I had an agonizing 48 hour wait before I could go and pick up my deck at the post office.  I was not disappointed when I looked through the cards in the car on my way back (Mike was driving!). This is my second deck from Blue Angel Publishing, the other being the Whispers of Love Oracle, and they are both utterly gorgeous.

The cards are large and glossy (Whispers of Love is matte). I wouldn’t mind the card stock being a bit thicker but they should last well enough if you shuffle carefully. At first they stick together slightly but I had no problem with the cards sticking after separating them when initially looking through them.

Below you can see an image of the card backs which I’m not too fond of (quite a cheap contrast to the stunning artwork of the actual card images!) and the 80 page guidebook with black and white card illustrations accompanied by explanation of the myths surrounding these images as well as what they mean in a reading. No reversed meanings are given (yay!). Continue reading

Seaside at Saltburn

Mike and I went to Saltburn today. Like last time we visited Saltburn, back in April, we were favoured by the weather gods. It was unseasonably warm and many of the brave younger ones were playing in the water.

It was a magickal day out and I savoured every step as I walked barefoot across the sand. I won’t be able to walk at all soon, after my surgery on Tuesday, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to walk barefoot again… This kind of uncertainty creates a sense of urgency and sharpens the senses.

I wanted to capture the magick and beauty of the seaside in these images. I hope you enjoy them!

Love and Blessings,

My Dragon Altar

After yesterday’s reading about which healing modality I should be using, I’ve had a fire under my arse.

My dragon altar is all set up for the new tarot reading and healing services I started offering today! I already had the dragon tea light holder and the chalice but the dragon box and figurine are new. I was so pleased to find them in one of our local shops as they are exactly what I hoped to find.

The bell and dorje (thunderbolt) are Tibetan, as is the rock salt lamp.

Hiding in the satin Tarot bag is my Tarot Draconis deck.

My wand is in the wooden box behind the central pillar candle is my wand. There are a couple of more items I’ll be adding as I go along but this is a good working altar as it stands.

This is a very magickal space after I put it all together (true power vortex!) and I’m excited to work with Dragons at an altar facing South. It’s my first time every trying this and I would love to hear from other witches with South-facing altars.

Love and Blessings,

Which Healing Modality? (Includes Tarot Spread)

Which Healing Modality Sample Tarot Reading

Are you a healer? Have you found the healing modality that is just right for you or do you feel a bit lost with all that is on offer from Spiritual Healing and Reiki to Theta Healing and the Reconnection? Angel Therapy, anyone? Is one modality better than the other or is it just that different modalities work better for certain people? Or maybe you’re meant to blend modalities or even create your own?

It’s easy to get confused and lose focus. I got so lost with it all that I more or less packed it in… but I’m being nudged back in by the Universe through certain undeniable signs.

The idea to create a spread that can help people get more of a focus on what modality to hone in occurred to me while I was out for a run earlier today. I could certainly use this advice for myself right now!

In 2004/05 I went through the whole NFSH training course in Spiritual Healing and previous to that I had been Reiki attuned to Master Level… and while one of the lovely teachers on that course used both modalities successfully (without blending them) I felt neither were right for me in the end.

Which Healing Modality Tarot Spread


1. The nature of my healing gift – The Chariot: I help people with week identities to align with their Higher Selves in order to develop a well integrated persona. This goes hand in hand with my Chiron in Aries and all the third chakra issues I have been exposed to all my life.

2. How my healing gift is currently expressed – 9 of Pentacles: I feel it is well expressed in the Tarot work I do and that I finally have the support I need to make energy healing part of the services I offer.

3. Future learning that will help me develop – 7 of Wands: Psychic protection and even more well-defined personal boundaries. Any techniques that will strengthen my determination to not take any shit from anyone any more. Anything that develops my confidence so that I am no longer afraid to dance to the beat of my own drum.

4. How past training thwarted my development as a healer – 7 of Cups: It made me confused. Reiki confused me because of the foreign symbols that you were meant to use and I never felt a need for and the spiritual healing course confused me with the insistence on set hand positions and the requirement to be mentored for a further two years after the one year training course. I’ve known for a while now that I’m meant to do my own thing… but what?!

5. The modality I am meant to use – Death: Really? Death?! Actually it makes perfect sense. In light of the previous cards, this is about spiritual transformation and ego mortification. And in a more literal sense… something I have always been drawn to… facilitating healing for those who are about to pass over.

I pulled a further three cards (see image at top of post) to see if this is a modality I am meant to pioneer and received an unequivocal ‘Yes!’ from the cards. The combination of the Queen of Swords (Libra), Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter) and the Ace of Coin also tells me I am meant to write about it.

There Be Dragons…

Did you know that churches, abbeys and monasteries were always built on pagan sacred sites and that these sites are invariably found on ley lines (aka dragon lines) and nodes? These energy lines are like the neural pathways of Gaia and they are used by many animal species for navigating.

On our bike ride the other day, we stopped by Eggleston Abbey (or what remains of it) and I managed to contact the dragon who lives there.

It was a wonderful day out as you can see from the pictures. Shame I couldn’t capture the dragon but they prefer to remain hidden. Probably just as well as their appearance can be rather terrifying. Personally, I think they are stunningly beautiful and fascinating. I am deeply honoured that they do show themselves to me.

10 Ways the Tarot Changed My Life + A Tarot Gift!

This week started with an important milestone for me – 3 years of self-employment as a Tarot Reader. If I had known how hard it would be, would I still have gone down this path? Hell yeah! Because I’m not walking alone… I have a constant companion by my side. Yes, you guessed it – The Tarot itself.

Celebrating my self-employment is a celebration of my Tarot journey so today I want to share 10 ways the Tarot has changed my life (and how it can change yours too!)

1. I have a friend to call on no matter what time of day (or night) it is. The cards have never let me down. Even the simple act of shuffling them can soothe my heart in times of trouble.

2. The Tarot has made my thinking clearer and constantly has me asking new questions. In fact, having to formulate succinct and proactive questions for the Tarot has greatly changed my thought processes for the better. Continue reading

Making the Most of the Last Day of August

It was a beautiful Sunday and we just had to take Betty and Bob for a spin!

The Guardian Angel Tarot Cards – The World’s Gentlest and Sweetest Tarot Cards

Guardian Angel Oracle 1

Does the world really need another deck of cards from Doreen Virtue? More specifically, do we need another DV Tarot deck? The Guardian Angel Tarot is her third, produced in as many years and it is by far the most sugary Tarot deck I have ever come across. It is like a strawberry and cream cake served in your grandmother’s garden on one of those rare summer’s days when the temperature is just right, the breeze feels like a sweet caress and the wasps haven’t yet figured out that you’re having cordial with your cake.

I had promised myself to NOT buy this deck. I have the previous too (Angel Tarot Cards and Archangel Power Tarot) and they were already borderline too sweet (Shadow avoidance/spiritual bypass?) so anything sweeter would be sure to give me spiritual diabetes. I thought. Yet, when I came across this deck in Waterstones earlier today, I couldn’t help myself. Was it the glitter? I don’t know. I reached for it. I couldn’t hurt to look at it more closely, right? Before I knew it I had another stamp in my Waterstones Stamp Card. WHAT?! Continue reading

5 Fears I Had to Release in Order to Become a Tarotpreneur



Taking the leap of faith and going pro with your Tarot may one of the biggest challenges you have to face in this life-time. It is not for the faint of heart. I sat on the fence about it for almost five years before I finally plucked up the courage. In the end, a very tragic event – the loss of a baby – is what pushed me over the edge and made me think ‘Fuck it – I’ll just do it!’

The fear was still there, I just chose to do it anyway… knowing that if I didn’t, I would live to regret it.

Because it’s true what they say ‘It’s the things you don’t do you end up regretting’ and even more true when it comes to your life purpose.

Looking back, the excuses for not going ahead were legion but here is a break-down of the five main fears/excuses I had made for myself and how I overcame them.

1. Being self-employed. Self-employment can be scary if you don’t consider yourself biz savvy… and I certainly didn’t! The thought of having to keep books and market myself scared me half to death. Yes, I knew Tarot. I felt confident with the service I provided… but would that be enough to go self-employed and provide an income? In short: would I be able to pay my bills and feed myself and my children? Continue reading