Listen from the Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle

Do You Love Your Mornings?

I do. Or I do if I play them right. Even morning persons such as myself can fuck up a perfectly good morning… and really, they are all good.

How to not fuck up a perfectly good morning:

  • Set my internal alarm to go off just before my alarm clock goes off.
  • Feed and water Moggy the cat and Skittles the budgie.
  • Enjoy the silence and open a window to breathe in the fresh morning air as well as listen to the day.
  • Put some great music on.
  • Drink my lemon water.
  • Do my yoga and pranayama… and listen to my angels.
  • Pull my card of the day… and listen to my intuition.
  • Write while it’s still quiet.
  • Have my shower.
  • Get my daughter’s packed lunch ready and then wake her up with a smile and kiss.
  • Have breakfast – organic muesli with goat’s milk, fresh berries and white tea.
On a morning like this we’ll be skipping to school… :)

This morning’s card is from the Daily Guidance from Your Angels oracle by Doreen Virtue:

Listen from the Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle

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  1. Krysten · May 15, 2012

    Hi Lisa!
    I enjoyed reading your list and I love the description of this post lmao! Because I have been committed to learning how to not fuck up a perfectly good morning for the past couple of years. I have always taken some bizarre sense of pride in being a night person, so it has been a challenge lol. I had to start with removing phrases like “I hate morning!” and “I am SO not a morning person! Ugh! They are so obnoxious!” I still have to catch myself on those lol.
    I made the executive decision to work on this while visiting a friend in the hospital a few years ago. His colon had ruptured and if they had not gotten to him when they did, he would have died within a matter of hours. As he was laying there with a massive incision and colostomy bag, I commented on what good spirits he was in, and it was morning to boot! In true Sagittarius form, he proceeded to tell me how he has always loved morning, because “anytime you wake up on this side of the dirt girl, it’s a good morning lmao! And after yesterday, I know what I’m talking about! Because I was real close to waking up on the wrong side of the dirt!” In excruciating pain, yet laughing, he was sincerely happy! Not even being tough, and faking a smile to try to get through it! I realized right then and there I needed to get my shit together with regard to my attitude about morning! Because having to wake up is a real good problem to have!

    I too drink lemon water everyday (I really think it is a tie between that an apple cider vinegar as to which is the fountain of youth/good health), followed by green tea. But I think I will add a few others from your list, including starting the day with yoga and learning how to set my internal alarm clock without inducing anxiety. If I know I have to wake up for a specific reason thus have to set an alarm, I don’t sleep well.

    I’m happy to be visiting your new blog!

    Blessings and joy!

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · May 15, 2012

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, Krysten. Happy to see you here! :) Wow, your friend’s a real trooper. Talk about uber positive Sag! It’s funny you brought up the whole ‘waking up on the right side of the dirt’ argument as I very nearly included it myself. Good luck with creating the perfect morning routine for you. I’m sure you’ll find one you enjoy! Blessings, Lisa

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