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Book of Shadows

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The card of the day is V Book of Shadows from the Book of Shadows Tarot Vol. 1. It hasn’t escaped my attention that we are in a 5 Book of Shadows/Hierophant year (2012 = 2+1+2 = 5). This card holds the key to global transformation themes that greatly affect humanity during 2012.

On a more personal note… I adore this take on the Hierophant card and it has inspired me to get creative with a Book of Shadows of my own. I always used to keep my stuff on my computer but I have a real craving to use my hands and spend time making stuff in real life at the minute.

The other day, I ordered a green BoS with gold Celtic knotwork design. I’ll upload a picture of it on the blog as soon as it arrives. I feel brave enough, I might share an entry or two on the blog as well :)

Do you have a Book of Shadows? What do you use it for and how often do you add to it? Perhaps you have more than one? I would love to see pictures and get tips on creative uses!

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  1. Aaron · June 26, 2012

    I have a couple actually. When I first started out on this wonderful journey, I just wanted to put so many spells into my BOS. I started with a black journal, no lined, book that I got from Barnes and K. I blued cloth over the binding, cut out pictures and put items and such onto the pages. Then I decided to take an old astrology book I found in a thrift store and pasted blank pages onto it. Over time I have added so many spells into it, that I do not us now, since I have learned about energy work and such. So I moved forward to a leather bound notebook, that I love. This is where I keep most of my prayers and tarot notes. At one time I also bought an italian leather bound BOS that has a limited amount of pages but contains the three Graces picture on the front in leather. So you could say I became very OCD with the BoS. haha. But one thing is for sure I have simply switched to a Binder that I can fill with tabs and lined paper. I can add papers and take away. That is my wonderful long journey on the good old BOS.

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · June 26, 2012

      That’s cool Aaron. Binders are probably the smartest way to go, as you can rearrange things… but I’m in love with the idea of a ‘proper’ old-fashioned BoS right now :)

  2. jema · June 26, 2012

    Hi Lisa, nice post. I really like that card too, The Hierophant is my soulcard and often so maligned, here we see that tradition doesn’t have to be dogma :-D

    I made a Book of Shadows some years ago when I first started exploring my spirituality. I made it pretty with glitter and wrote in it the Wiccan rede and devotions to the Godess (all in swedish actually) and then just journaled my rituals. After a while I just did all that in my regular journal though. As my path changed so did my BoS. It is fun and interesting to thumb through the pages and see where I was 10-8 years ago.

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · June 26, 2012

      Thanks for sharing, Jeanette. I love that you used glitter. That’s the sort of thing I’m looking at doing, as well as illumination. Oh, I need to get some metallic pens! :D It should be done so nicely that it’s a pleasure to revisit…

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