tarot card image - Angels Tarot

Archangel Anael

tarot card image - Angels Tarot

Anael from the Angels Tarot by Robert M. Place

It’s good to be back even though I didn’t have much of a holiday this year. Even when I’m not working, I find myself thinking about work and coming up with new ideas… it’s all good, but if I get a chance to go somewhere and unplug completely later in the year, I’ll definitely take it. A retreat in some remote village where they haven’t heard of the Internet yet sounds like my idea of bliss right now.

Anyhoo, it’s back to daily journaling and learning more about the Angels and today I’m starting my exploration of Friday’s Angel, Archangel Anael.

In the Tarot card above, she is depicted as The Star. The planetary correspondence is Venus, so in some ways The Empress would be a better fit but there is a tradition of connecting the large star (see image below) in the RWS Star card with Venus, even though the Astrological correspondence is Aquarius.

Rider Waite Smith Tarot card

The 8-pointed star in the RWS Tarot – a symbol of Venus

The meaning of the name Anael comes from the Hebrew ‘to shine’ (feminine).

Her celestial title is The Rose Angel.

Corresponding deities are Venus, Aphrodite and Cupid.

The metal is copper.

The ritual candle colour is dark green.

Anael rules the direction of North.

The Angelic thought form for Anael is apple.

My personal connection with Anael is very strong. She rules my soul card, The Empress.

Anael is also the patron of my Love Dove Tarot website, helping me help lovers find true and lasting love.

Perhaps Anael can help me find ways to unplug and get some more downtime this week. There is a sneaky connection between Anael and the Internet via The Star and the Aquarian correspondence with all types of ether communication.

More on Anael tomorrow…

Angel Starlight Blessings,

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