Archangel Anael

Archangel Anael – Channelled message, healing meditation and spells

Today, with Archangel Anael as my inspiration, I created a tarot spread for finding new love over on the Love Dove Tarot blog, so that’s all she wrote about Anael today. I’m out of time and need to go for a run.

More on Anael tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy these (click-able) images for a channelled message, a couple of spells and a healing meditation invoking The Rose Angel:

angel image

Click image for a channelled message from Archangel Anael.

Archangel Anael Image

Click on the image to get to a Love Spell invoking Anael.

Archangel Anael Rainbow Image

Click image for a lovely Archangel Anael Healing Rainbow Meditation.


Archangel Anael Love Heart Image

Click for an Apple Seed Love spell invoking Archangel Anael.

Angel Starlight Blessings,

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