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My Personal Connection with Archangel Cassiel


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Cassiel – Apparently, according to a Google image search

OK, I admit it – the image above is nothing like how I picture Archangel Cassiel.  The hunky angel in the picture is far too young and wearing far too much red (Camael?). But I fancy him and the look of determination on his face could very well reflect the true spirit of Cassiel, the stern taskmaster.

Because Cassiel is the ruler of the planet Saturn, his influence is found in the two cards associated with Saturn in the Tarot Major Arcana:

tarot cards image

  • The World/Universe (Saturn – Element of Earth)
  • The Devil (Capricorn – ruled by Saturn)

Both of these cards are very much apart of me:

The World is my personality card, based on my birthday numerology and I’m a Capricorn Sun sign.

In my birth chart, Saturn is found in my 11th House – the house of friendships, humanitarian pursuits and group work. It’s no surprise then that I would be challenged the way I have been when it comes to having plans thwarted every time I look to expand my horizons through networking and friendships.

Over and over again, I’m learning that I cannot rely on anyone but myself. Yet Jupiter (Sachiel) in opposition to Saturn (Cassiel) tempts me to keep trying. My feeling is that Cassiel has already won… and that’s OK if he’ll keep his hunky appearance every time he visits ;)

Angel Starlight Blessings,

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  1. april rane · August 21, 2012

    Beautiful picture of AA Michael- the one the internet told you was Cassiel If you look on his shield it says, “lke unto God’ That’s what Michael’s name means- But he is trememdous!! April Rane

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · August 21, 2012

      Thanks April – that makes sense! :) Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. april rane · August 21, 2012

    The angle above in red is Michael- On the shield you can see his name “Like unto God” You are right-this is not Cassiel, he is older, not quite so handsome- but I love the picture! April Rane

    • april rane · August 21, 2012

      Oh Lisa- I am sorry – I just saw your reply above AFTER I posted about Michael picture- I had not even remembered I posted before- Just looking at angel depictions on the net and found your site again! April Rane

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