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5 Ways Cassiel Can Help You Do the Things You Need To Do But Don’t Want To

hard work sign image

“The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.“
E.M Gray

There is no better Angel to call on than Archangel Cassiel for those who don’t mind hard work and long hours.

Unlike Archangel Sachiel, Cassiel doesn’t dish out good fortune but he is kind to those who are willing to be disciplined with their time and resources. He also helps those under his auspice to age gracefully.


  • During the planning stages of any new project Cassiel can help you be realistic and set achievable goals.
  • Cassiel can help you make a schedule and stick to it.
  • Cassiel can help you embrace any arduous task and just get on with it.
  • Archangel Cassiel can help you stay strong during challenging times.
  • He can help you be honest about your own limitations as well as help you transcend them.

5 ways to invoke the power and aid of Archangel Cassiel:

  • Wear black, grey or brown.
  • Use black tourmaline, snowflake obsidian and brown jasper.
  • Light a black candle to remove an obstacles and self-imposed limitations.
  • Anoint yourself with Patchouli or Frankincense essential oil to help you stay grounded and feel energised.
  • Meditate with the Tarot World card.

Honour Cassiel on a Saturday and during the planetary hour of Saturn. Click HERE for a planetary hour checker.

Angel Starlight Blessings,

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  1. Chloe · August 23, 2012

    I like the sound of ageing gracefully. I imagine that’s also to do with hard work and discipline – yogis age remarkably well ;)

  2. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · August 23, 2012

    Yes, well spotted, Chloe. Yoga rocks! :)

  3. Krysten (@CreoleMoonTarot) · August 23, 2012

    What a wonderful post’ especially for a Capricorn born on a Saturday!

  4. joe · August 23, 2012

    Can cassiel send you messages? I was told he nudged me five times so I would shape up. Weird thing was that I worked in a company that used subtlesigns… like black and navy uniform…company logo was a diamond etc…then I was involved in a vehicle accident on a saturday.. I kind of felt subtle life messages… like innuendos n even the tv series Supernatural… the song Wayward son by Kansas even resonated a bit…

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · August 23, 2012

      The word ‘angelos’ is Greek for messenger… so yes. All angels can send you messages. It’s good that you pay attention :)

      • joe · August 23, 2012

        Interesting… I have Saturn in my 12th. So does that mean he took me under his wing and nudged me one final time before his departure?

      • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · August 23, 2012

        Not sure what sort of departure you are referring to…?

      • joe · August 23, 2012

        Well I was told by an astrologer that Saturn was in my 12th house since the retrograde. I know he hasn’t left, he just shifted. However, when I did some research Cassiel resonated since according to many sites he rules saturn. Under his description I found many of his elements being similar to my job. Its almost as if coincidental….. when I was working for this company called The Diamond Group, I wore a black shirt with navy pants and often worked graveyard shift. I alsi had problems with my boss, which somehow fell as coincidence with Saturn’s placement in my 12th house. Its just weird….

      • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · August 23, 2012

        OK, well I don’t know how to answer your question because I still don’t know what you mean by ‘final nudge’ before a supposed ‘departure’… Do you mean before Saturn has completed the transit through your 12th? Not sure why the 12th House would be so relevant to your work situation… Wouldn’t that be more your 6th?

      • joe · August 23, 2012

        That’s the shocker. Most of my life I’ve worked in the prison setting but after some problems I ended up unemployed. During Saturn’s return I got a job at the company which seemed as a sign since I was hired almost the same way as my previous job, no interview just a conversation etc. My astrologer said that Saturn had nudged me 5 times and this last one would have drastic changes because having saturn in my 12th suggests working in institutions. With this last nudge I actually changed my career, habits, and ways of thought. What I was asking, was basically if this transition of Cassiel sending me strong messages was because he was trying to help me get rid of bad behaviors? I think I just answered my question. ;)

      • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · August 23, 2012

        With prison work it would have made sense, yes. Well, thanks for hanging out here while you worked your question out :D

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