Can I haz FB?

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Eureka! I found out earlier today that I could set up a FB business page without having a personal account and without sharing any of my personal information.

It’s a bit like being a ghost in the land of the living… The way I interact with other Facebook users is limited (yay! less of a timesink!!) to being able to reply to comments on my page and this is ideal since I really don’t have time for the full shebang.

Some of you may have read my 20 Great Reasons to Leave Facebook Now post over on and will be wondering why I would even do this at all. Nothing has changed as far as how I feel about Facebook and its invasion of our privacy.

Here’s why I’m willing to compromise:

  • I can now have a Facebook business account without giving out personal information.
  • It is no different to a public Twitter account but reaches a different audience and many of my friends and clients are not any other networks.
  • It limits my usage in a healthy way. (Hey, some of us need ‘parent controls’ to limit the time we spend online! :D)
  • I can let it grow organically (no paying for ads – EVER!) as I am no longer dependent on Facebook. The last few months while I’ve been away from there I have strengthened other ‘social networking muscles.’
  • It’s an experiment and if it doesn’t work out I’ll simply delete my account. Having deleted my personal account and effectively erased all documentation about my personal life over the past five years has made me fearless.

You are welcome to join me there. Or not. If we’re meant to be connected we will…

Angel Starlight Blessings,

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