Nobody Ever Dies in LOA-Land (thoughts on the Law of Attraction by a Tarotist)

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As someone spending quite a lot of time on the Internet in various spiritual communities and virtual subcultures, I couldn’t really avoid coming in contact with the Law of Attraction (LOA). This has sharpened my thoughts about reality, leading to (among other things) a post titled ‘The Truth is Simple, Not Simplistic.’

LOA is the McDonalds/Barbie of Spirituality… Using the Barbie analogy, the Tarot would be a lovingly crafted rag-doll and using the McDonalds analogy, the Tarot would be a nutritious home-cooked meal.

I’m wired to defend the underdog, and almost without exception, where there has been a LOA proponent, there has been judgement of someone who is already suffering in one way or another – mainly by stating:

You brought this on yourself by your negative thinking.

*eye roll*

Really? A child who is sexually abused by her uncle brought it on herself? The person who has a deadly disease caused by industrial pollution is dying because of negative thinking?


I believe it’s impossible for a serious student of the Tarot to be suckered into the LOA way of thinking because the Tarot allows for truthful reflection rather than relying on false maxims.

The Tarot generates compassion with fellow human beings by pointing out 78 unavoidable commonalities, which include death, loss and suffering.

The Tarot takes into account the principle of fatedness (the Major Arcana) and helps us cope when circumstances beyond our control create change in our lives.

The Tarot, unlike LOA, makes us face our shadows and won’t let us get away with ‘spiritual bypass.’

The Tarot recognises healthy individuality and that we contribute in different but equally valuable ways (the 16 Court Cards and thousands of different types of decks), whereas LOA seems to produce carbon copies of the American Success ideal.

The Tarot provides a real, living and adaptable spiritual tool for growth and guidance with the ability for the adept to use the Tarot together with depth/transpersonal psychology. If the same can be said of the Law of Attraction, I have yet to see it – I see is delusion, avoidance of truth and spiritual bypass.

The Tarot reader (life coach?) will not pump up your ego to the point where you feel like the whole universe revolves around you – She will help you see that you are one strand in the great web of life, with each strand contributing equally. The Tarot reader serves as a divine messenger, whereas the LOA life coach is a diva, pumping out yet more divas.

The Tarot is a tool for transformation; LOA is a tool for bloating the ego.

What concerns me is what will happen to all the people who are getting suckered into ‘The Secret’ way of thinking and being. How will they handle a cancer diagnosis, a miscarriage or being laid off in spite of doing positive affirmations every day?

Who will support them and offer them the empathy and compassion they need then? I’m guessing it won’t be their LOA life coaches.

And how will they ever be able to face their own mortality?

Because in LOA-Land, nobody ever dies.


Tarot Blessings,


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  1. Leonard · September 26, 2012

    Hi I sort of stumbled on here and read your comments on the Law of Attraction. I think it needs to be remembered that it is only ONE Law out there. Like any ‘new’ approach it has its charlatans and the misguided. The greatest problem in the LOA is how many over-simplify what it teaches. I don’t think it can be denied that negative thoughts attract negative results in one’s life. This is not to mean thinking ‘happy thoughts’ will avert all catastrophe and make you live forever. It is merely a tool to maximize one’s results from the actual effort one puts in to one’s life . We can go on about how thoughts are energy, the same as the ‘things’ we want from life, but I gather you already know about that. We also know from Psychology how mental blocks keep us from the things we want, and from being who we want to be. Again our thoughts attract both what we do and do not want from life. Now that isn’t so ‘Hokey’, is it? It is when one takes a belief or a technique and tries to make it apply to everything from their love life to doing their laundry that things get out of hand. Like archery, the LOA DOES work, but practice, natural talent, the right equipment (mindset) will determine how close you come to hitting the target, and Yes, a lot of uncontrollable factors like trees, the wind, and the terrain will impede your progress. Just for the record, I am NOT an LOA guru nor do I teach or advise on that or any other modality. I am not a Tarot reader either-I prefer the Runes but I don’t do that professionally either. Just a layman’s opinion.

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · September 26, 2012

      Hi Leonard, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Thoughts are energy and definitely matter (scuse the pun) in the manifestation process – agreed. However, it seems LOA has formed into an umbrella for ‘life coaches’ who are out to squeeze a quick buck out of people by turning them delusional. I wouldn’t have spoken up if I hadn’t seen so many bad applications of the teachings of the Law of Attraction. It’s also interesting to study the history of the Law of Attraction… Then you see that in the beginning it was ALL about the money. It saddens me to think that greed almost always seems to be strongest motivator for anything new – including ‘New Thought.’

  2. Priscilla · September 26, 2012

    Hi Lisa!
    I have to agree with you. When I first read The Secret I was excited. It all sounded so right on. Then the more I read the more confused I got and the less sense it made to me. Many of the people that I coach or read for have brought their problems on themselves. I know it, they know it. But there are things that happen that are not their fault, such as abuse, and we know that as a result of abuse their behaviors have brought on further problems. I don’t regret reading the book as I felt it was informative in a way. At least I know what everyone is talking about. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was not able to gather any real useful information from the book or the conversations I’ve had with practitioners. I’m not sure if all that made sense. It’s a very complex subject I think. Anyway, thanks for bringing it to the forefront again.

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · September 26, 2012

      It makes complete sense. We all long for a simple solution and a quick fix which makes it easy to be taken in by something that turns out to be simplistic rather than simple. The maxims used in The Secret are sometimes close to the truth and sometimes true but taken out of context… It’s a bit like The Bible, really. I do wonder what Jesus would say about it all :)

  3. heroidentrodenos · September 26, 2012

    Hi Lisa it’s refreshing to read some non spiritual correct points of view regarding Law of Attraction. If I was a serious believer in the Law of Attraction I would have trouble explaining the cruxifiction of Christ or the murder of Gandhi. I don’t deny the influence of will in manifestation. Even science, specialy para psychology studies this, but I also accept the randomness of our universe (Wheel of Fortune) and the tenants of quantum physics about probabilities. In short: shit happens, even to “good” people. And as everything else in the universe has its polarity there must be also a Law of Repulsion to counterbalance the other one. Light and darkness and so forth. Keep on writing Lisa. See you around the blogosphere :-)

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · September 26, 2012

      Thanks for commenting, Jaime. Makes me wonder how they view the sacrifice of Christ on the cross – especially by those LOA proponents who pay lip service to the teachings of Christ. I know many of them like to refer to a Course of Miracles, which is supposedly a collection of teachings by Christ. Shit does indeed happen – For the Christed One to choose the shittiest of ways to end his life should tell us something. Blessings, Lisa

  4. Richard Abbot · September 26, 2012

    Love it Lisa.
    My take – you cannot attract things outside your life path, and if you do you can be certain of problems. LoA is true as far as it goes, but it does go nearly far enough.

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · September 26, 2012

      Thanks Richard, been thinking a lot about imposed limitations after the obligatory bashing of Saturn and Capricorn at the conference. Such fun! Part of me wants to rebel against ALL limitations after that but I continue to be brought back to the Temperance card which resides in my first House for this Solar Return. Limitations are there to transcend – the trick is finding the RIGHT ones to transcend. I will always love Crowley for his contribution to the transcendence aspect of the Capricorn energy… and hello?! The mountain goat keeps on climbing until she gets to the top – of HER/HIS path. I’m sorry to go on a bit but I think there was some pretty blatant ignorance showing up a couple of the speakers at the conference.

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