Yes, I’m a Starseed

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When I thought about writing this post, I was briefly tempted to choose a different title:

“Coming Out of the Starseed Closet”

Perhaps the latter has more of a dramatic flair, but the truth is, there wasn’t a closet… or if there was, it was only there for a day or two – until I had let the new awareness settle. 

Full awareness was a very gradual process that started with a visit from Jesus, the Nazarene (aka Yeshua, fellow alien), who is said to have been a student of the mystic society known as the Essenes. The gnostic fellowship of the Essenes practiced an advanced form of Angelology which is believed by some to be of Alien origins – Arcturian, to be more precise.

But let’s back up to 2007 when I knew nothing about the Essenes, very little about the Angels and thought that belief in Aliens was utter nonsense…

One afternoon, when my youngest daughter was napping, I went into the guest room to meditate. I simply fell to my knees, entered the void and listened with every cell of my soul.

It turned out the urge to do this came from the higher ups. It wasn’t my normal meditation hour, nor was it how I normally meditate. I had no idea what to expect or why the urge to meditate was so strong.

It wasn’t long after I kneeled that I felt a presence and without knowing how I knew, it became clear to me that this was Jesus Christ. He placed his hands on my head and simply said:

You now belong to the Order of the White Dove

Having never heard of the Order of the White Dove, I decided to Google it, and I had a lead to someone named Almine, but it turned out to be a dead end (I was told it was her vision, not mine because she had it before me, and was told I needed to start studying with her), so I wrote my experience down and then pretty much forgot about it

Being on an Empress soul path, however, I was often reminded of the White Dove. The Empress is closely associated with Venus who, in her aspect of Venus Columba, is symbolised by the White Dove… So I continued to try to make sense of what had happened off and on, rather unsuccessfully.

Without going into too much detail, I can reveal that something was triggered after I opened up to my multi-dimensionality through working with the Angels (in much the same way the Essenes did). All of a sudden the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place very quickly indeed and I knew that it would be up to me to gather the people of the Order of the White Dove together.

My three spirit guides who had promised to be in more contact when I was ‘ready’ suddenly became very involved and today I gave birth to another website: Starseed Academy – Order of the White Dove

Quite amazing, but not surprisingly, I have come across quite a few starseeds who also use the Tarot for spiritual pathworking.  In the virtual Starseed Academy, I will allow my Spirit guides give us their take on the Tarot as a tool for Starseed awakening, soul alchemy and service.

More than ever, I revere the Tarot as a spiritual tool not just to help us cope with what third dimensional living throws at us, but to explore our multi-dimensional selves on the path of service to the Light.

I have also started a Facebook page for the Order of the White Dove for the community of Starseeds. Welcome!

If you resonate with any of this, I invite you to read the information and watch the video on How Do I Know if I’m a Starseed?


Angel Starlight Blessings,



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