First Reading with the Angel Heart Sigils Oracle

I’ve been waiting eagerly for these cards to arrive since I first heard about them many Moons ago. I have had and worked with the Angels of Atlantis deck (also by Stewart Pearce) for over a year now and love the bright images as well as the info on chanting associated with each card.

Sometimes a deck comes to you with what I would like to call ‘miracle timing’ – It has a message that important to you… a message no other cards could deliver. The Angel Heart Sigils turned out to be such a deck for me. It connected all the dots for me with regards to my mission in a simple past-present-future 9 card spread.

In the image above, I have laid the cards out like this:

Top rowpast
Middle rowpresent
Bottom rowfuture

The first card, Jubilation, caused a sharp intake of breath at it strongly reminded me of the Out-of-Body experience I had at age six. The two cards following, Protection & Boldness make much sense because in spite of my intense spiritual awakening that made it completely impossible to shut down my crown chakra I was too young and fragile to fulfil my mission at that point in time.

The cards representing the present are just as telling: Innocence, Champion and Illumination speak to me of becoming activated as I align fully. The Champion Knight is each of the four Knights dwelling in Tiphereth (sphere of Christ Consciousness), charged by the power of the Sun/Son to stand up and be counted. Gabriel illuminates the path before me as I align and await my orders.

The three cards for the future fill me with excitement. The Adoration card is the only card without writing on it – it has a monstrans with the body of Christ and resonates with the first card drawn, Jubilation as well as with the Champion springing forth from Tiphereth. The Genius card has two of my favourite people on it: Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein – wonderful example of men inspired by Angels!

I will always Wonder what will come through me next as I live the ‘Not my will but Thine, oh Lord!’

After I completed this 9 card reading, I followed Stewart Pearce’s recommendation and pulled another card for a New Beginning… but the cards stuck together and I got two. Those I will keep to myself. The picture of the two New Beginning cards which was perfectly clear when I checked on my phone didn’t upload right – I take that as a sign to not share it!

How about you? Are you owning the fact that you came to Earth to serve this time around? How’s your mission coming along? Need a hand? I’m here if you would like an Angel Oracle reading and I’m more than happy to use these cards!


PS. Did you know that you can now order a Row of Five Lenormand reading HERE?

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  1. Chloe · May 13, 2013

    I like these 3×3 past present future readings you’ve been doing. Looks like you bonded with these cards from the get-go. Will look forward to seeing more readings with them :)

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · May 13, 2013

      Thanks, I use story spreads with most decks (including the Tarot) and for most questions these days. I like giving my imagination freedom to roam! :D

  2. staceyuk · May 13, 2013

    Tarot tells me that in this lifetime I’m going to especially focus on my soul purpose. My Personality & Soul Card is The Chariot.

    I love the new deck!

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd · May 13, 2013

      Thanks Stacey! There’s a lot more to the Chariot… balance of male/female energy needs to be considered, for instance. Also, anything to do with Cancer and I would place many SP chakra lessons with this card. Blessings

      • staceyuk · May 13, 2013

        Thanks Lisa. I’m female but quite masculine in how I present myself. I’m considered to be a tomboy. I’m learning to own and use my own personal power lately. Also my gut instinct is getting stronger would tie in with SP part. My mum, who is also my carer, is a Cancer sun sign. I’m cancer rising.

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