Ecstasy, Sex and Magick

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Ostara arrived and revelations are raining down on me like spring rain. ‘Mojo‘ is a word I very much connect with both sex and magick, as well as with spring (when all of nature fornicates and faery magick turns the world green). The connection is becoming ever more tangible as any blocks to bacchanalian ecstasy I may have had in the past are being released.

You cannot own your magickal powers unless you release all sexual tension.

You have to be willing to descend fully into your body and you cannot unless the body is free of tension and guilt-induced internal conflict.

You have to be fully embodied to wield magick because the body itself is a conduit between worlds. The magick wand is only an extension of the body. The wand can help focus and direct the power but if there are blocks to the energy flowing freely through the body, the wand won’t be of any use.

Be a naughty witch and revel in your sexuality. Go deep into the shadows. Defy guilt and shame. Be free. Let go.

The Witches Sabbath is nigh…



And if you now awaken to the real truth about why the Church always wanted to vilify sex as well as women in general, you’re one step closer to owning your real power.

The impure ones are the kiddy fiddlers in priests’ robes. Evil reigns through Church and State. Liberate yourself from your programming!

The Peacock Angel returns and Nature rejoices!

Nothing is as it seems…

Faery Blessings,

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