My Gods

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This is a work of fiction.  All the characters in it, human and otherwise, are imaginary, excepting only certain of the fairy folk, whom it might be unwise to offend by casting doubts on their existence.  Or lack thereof.
~Neil Gaiman

I am currently reading The Heart of the Initiate – Feri Lessons by Victor and Cora Anderson and there is so much resonance with my own experience already, halfway through this 78 page book. I like that it is short and I love that the writing is succinct. The lack of ‘waffle’ is distinctly refreshing and un-American. This is the real McCoy. 

What made me really pause and think is the claim that the Gods are real. Yes, they are archetypes too (so are you and I!) but they are also real Spirits and it would be unwise to have dealings with Gods that are not yours according to the Andersons. My mind has wavered on the ‘realness’ of Gods and still does to a certain extent.

Yet I cannot deny the visitations and divine messages I have received. Hence the Gods that are definitely ‘mine’ would be Nephthys, Hel, Jesus and Melek Taus (not mentioned in order of appearance).

Have you been claimed by a Path/Deity? Were you visited and shown things about the nature of existence or about yourself? My most recent communication was with Melek Taus and he said ‘Nothing is as it seems’ after showing me my animal self… It was how the Faery Path claimed me. I didn’t go searching – it came for me!

It is so easy to dismiss visions and visitations as fantasy. We are encouraged to do so and even drugged (fluoride) in order to become less receptive. I think it is time for you and I to reclaim our power and our divine right to be in direct communication with our own Gods and Goddesses!


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  1. Dewin Nefol · April 1

    Hi Lisa,

    I hope all is well.

    I am sufficiently broad-minded to accept all views on ‘spirituality’ no matter how they are expressed, and finding something intriguing in the words contained within your post has led me to consider the worthwhileness in reading this book. Perhaps it is that I misunderstand the Feri concept less well than I do other modes of thought and believe that a better initiation in to it’s craft would provide depth to my knowledge. Thank you for bringing the book to my attention. I shall anticipate its arrival.

    My last post on your site, under the banner of The Exclusivity Trap has yet to be moderated. I’ve offered to send you the original Butterfly images as a gift. If you’d like them, it would be a pleasure to send them to you via email. In the meantime, and in keeping with the theme of this posting, here is another Butterfly to add to the three already provided. When we talk of being ‘claimed’ by Deities and Spirits, or being presented with an image of our ‘animal form’, I had for a long-time been on the trail of the Winged God when the inspiration for this Butterfly claimed me.

    I’d like to hope that the wavering of your mind regarding the legitimacy, realness, substance, and ultimate worth of the Gods is by no means a suggestion of a wavering faith in them, but perhaps more a consolidation, crystallisation and empowerment in your own ability to internalise their psychological benefit and claim them as already being a part of you? Just a thought :)

    And lastly, as I always draw a card from the Tarot after a visit to your evocative site…todays card is The High Priestess. Make of that what you will!


    DN – 01/04/14

    • Hi DN, sorry… I didn’t approve your last comment until today. Not sure why. I think it may have been because it was so ‘involved’ and I don’t know you. It almost felt like you were hitting on me. In answer to your question above: It’s 3D versus 5D. It’s easy to backslide. Cheers

      • Dewin Nefol · April 1

        Hi Lisa,

        No problem. I am not a ‘player’ in life if that is what you mean? In fact I am very from being that way. I arrive and depart in good faith and offer only friendship. I may seem a little excitable, but honestly I’ve absolutely nothing to hide.

        I do believe it should be customary for visitors to Blog sites to leave a token of their gratitude. When an author writes, they do so from the soul, and the light of who they are shines through in their words. I appreciate the warmth of your glow and that’s all. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression of me.

        I am illuminated by your answer to my indirect question, and will pursue an understanding of it more fully.

        What is your take on the High Priestess card?


        DN – 01/04/14

      • It depends on what your question/focus was when you pulled the card. Who was it for?

        I did not imply that you are a ‘player’ – just that I’m not interested in using my blog’s comments section for anything other than discussions about the actual posts.

      • Dewin Nefol · April 1

        Hi Lisa,

        The drawing of the card was for me. I am pursuing creative enterprise, both with writing and image creation and need to find a mechanism of expression by which to express and illuminate both. There are two remaining Butterflies still to emerge on my Blog, one being Air, the other Water, and whilst I have an understanding of both, each in their own way require thinking about in different ways. They are both mysterious forms, both wholly invasive and as much an essential requirement for life as the other, but whereas one is seen so the other is unseen. I am not so adept in finding a vision to express their essence in words as I am with images, the graphics are already done, and I wonder from where I might find insight.

        DN – 01/04/14

      • There is no forcing insight with the High Priestess. Wisdom and insight arise when you are ready to receive.

      • Dewin Nefol · April 1

        This is as I had imagined, and yet it is so frustrating to have to wait for the revealing of undeveloped potentials. I struggle sometimes to sense through waking consciousness and really should be more patient and wait to find a means of evaluating the mysteries glimpsed only in my dreams and felt in my intuitions. I find such shifting thoughts both seductive and fascinating yet perhaps I have failed to realise how mute and unresponsive they are when the rational mind tries to make them manifest in reality to soon.

        I shall follow your wise counsel and place a greater emphasis on understanding how the passage of time and the ebb and flow of ideas will encourage my insight and understanding and await my ‘underworld’ encounter with Her with hope.

        In that way, perhaps the book you’ve discussed on this Blog will provide me with a further education. Thank you Lisa.


        DN – 01/04/14

      • Your rational mind is very keen on using lots and lots of words. :D

      • Dewin Nefol · April 1

        lol :) There is probably quite a profound truth in those 13 words! I wish I were more of a Poet or perhaps more of a Literal Alchemist. Distillation of thought without Reduction in its content or meaning requires one to many stages of compression, and I’ve yet to learn the magic of literal symbolism.

        Could I email you the complete Butterfly image anyway? It is a composite image, a compression of over 600 photos of real objects. And all that input distilled into one piece of work. 6 years in the making. It is just a gift of thanks, and nothing more, sent without intending to offend.

        DN – 01/04/14

      • Sure. Thanks.

  2. Manda · April 1

    Hermes. He visits me in my dreams (and I was born on a Wednesday, after all). There are others that I’m getting to know, but I’m pretty new to this path.

  3. Colubrina Laticauda · April 1

    I will be a person’s abnormal … I also over the years, I have had contact – not searched – with Apollo, Maman Brigitte (not voodoo study, however, has happened), Brigit, the Madonna of Fire (the patron saint of my town) , a male deity unidentified … some demon… peacocks (old beautiful dreams…)

    At this point, all the Gods or looking for me, or the fact that they follow a single path, tied to their land (or origins), then this has no basis of truth.

    Personally, at this point, I do not follow any specific path, and see what happens: D

    • Cool, thanks for sharing Colubrina :)

      • Colubrina Laticauda · April 1

        cool? But these facts are left me wondering for many years … I did not know what path to choose, why I found myself in contact with Maman Brigitte (and here, even if it were, living in Italy, I did not know how to take a serious path …) or other deities of which I knew nothing :-|

        Hahaha! Now I am a person more relaxed and “living from day to day” ;D

        Over the years I have read (by accident of course XD) “The Faery Way” by Hugh Mynne I really liked but if you read it too, I’d like to know your opinion :)

      • Just trust that you find the information you need when you’re ready. Relax. It’s all good. I consider it a blessing to have a divine visitation… Don’t you?

  4. Colubrina Laticauda · April 1

    yes, of course, :)

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